Education Institutions

By carefully analyzing your needs, strengths, and programs, we make sure to select agents that will benefit your organization.

We look for indicators such as: their geographic position, the organizations they currently represent, their track record in Canada or other relevant markets at the provincial or international level, their knowledge of the Canadian education system, and the programs they mostly promote.

On top of these performance markers, we also gauge their cultural fit with your institution and their ethical standards.

Once we are sure it will be a good match, we proceed with introductions.

By conducting short surveys with your students, we can ensure that they:

  • received the correct information about your institution and programs,
  • were not charged unnecessary fees,
  • are properly educated on visa options and courses available,
  • and that they and their parents were generally well-treated by their agent,

We gather all their concerns, comments, and feedback and send these to you in clear and concise reports that make it easy to assess your agents’ performance.

As intermediary between your institution and education agents all over the world, Kotolingo Solutions helps putting the terms of your partnership in writing.

We make sure the relationship between your institution and your agents is clearly defined, with established roles, responsibilities, objectives, support, training, performance indicators, payment terms and methods, and deliverables.

The conditions for termination and dispute resolution guidelines will also ensure fair and transparent contracts.

Optional services include: contract translation into/from your agent’s preferred language and contract renewal.

Acting as intermediary between your institution and your agents, Kotolingo Solutions will make sure that information circulates between both sides.

We will ensure your agents are provided the right information about your programs and admission procedures, and if need be, receive proper training to represent your organization in the best way possible.

We also proactively survey agents on their knowledge and confidence in representing your institution. Should they require some help to better promote your courses or home city, you will be informed and able to react before problems arise, thus reducing issues further down the line. Keeping communication channels open improves the collaboration between your agents and your staff, which leads to better results and enhances your students’ experience.

It starts with establishing a procedure for finding and vetting your agents that ensures due diligence in their selection process.

However, this should be an ongoing process, and we can help evaluate your agents performance through a framework reflective of your objectives.

This evaluation framework measures objective characteristics such as:

  • Students referred
  • Application drop rate vs enrollment
  • Industry accreditation
  • Best practices in place
  • Association and trade memberships
  • Industry qualifications
  • Student performance
  • Etc.

Kotolingo Solutions can monitor these for you and compile them into reports with the frequency of your choice (quarterly, semi-annually, annually).

The framework includes general measurements as well as organization-specific measurements and qualitative indicators tailored to your institution.

By receiving information on your agents promotional strategies, your marketing staff will be able to gain insights on the best way to promote your programs for each market.

You will also be able to collaborate with your agents on creating marketing content relevant to their local area, and work on offering courses that are easy to promote and bring in new students.

Kotolingo Solutions will ensure the correct information  circulates between your agents and your staff and that all your marketing materials are adapted, translated, and localized to your local target markets, in consultation with your agents insights.

We also offer the option to be actively involved in your agents recruitment activities and train them in-country for you. This means we will fly there for you and you won’t lose any staff-hours at home, which is logistically challenging.

By providing you with market data, performance reports, agent country reports, and best practices, Kotolingo Solutions helps you identify areas of potential growth.

By knowing your position in your local, Canadian, and global market, you will recognize and be able to emulate successful initiatives and strategies in the language learning industry.

Once opportunities are identified, you can implement new programs, courses, and marketing strategies that your agents can promote.

To learn more about our market research options, visit this page.

The more agents you are working with, the more of a logistical challenge it poses.

Being aware of incidents, misconduct, poor performance, or lack of resources requires an effective oversight system. This is both time-consuming and distracting from your core activities.

By offloading your agent monitoring to Kotolingo Solutions, you’ll have a system in place for purging unproductive or non-compliant agents, regardless of language and cultural barriers.

We will also regularly monitor your agents’ key performance indicators and ethical compliance,¬†which you will have the option of receiving in written reports.

Armchair recruiting is rarely the best method to grow your international students numbers.

Kotolingo Solutions can help your institution stay involved in the recruitment process by:

  • Informing your agents of ongoing training opportunities,
  • Identifying opportunities for cooperative promotion with your agents,
  • Facilitating institution-initiated promotion,
  • Representing your school to recruitment events overseas.

It all depends on the level of involvement you would like us to have on your behalf.

By subscribing to our customized market reports, you will be able to assess points of comparison between your institution and your competitors at the local and national levels.

On top of that, the different types of reports offered can give you insight into:

  • Your position in the language learning industry,
  • Potential new courses and programs based on successful initiatives in other institutions,
  • New markets from which to recruit students,
  • Opportunities to develop new recruitment strategies.

Some social networks have very low monthly user rates in Canada yet are hugely popular abroad.

To help you reach your prospective students in a more effective manner, Kotolingo Solutions can set up communication channels for your organization.

Whether you need to create a localized Facebook page, set up a LINE account or start a Weibo account, we can help.

Whether you need to create SEO friendly articles for your organization’s blog, to translate your website’s pages or to translate your marketing content¬† or promotional materials so that they becomes more accessible to your prospective students abroad, we can help.

By outsourcing your content creation to Kotolingo Solutions, or creating your content yourself and having Kotolingo Translations localize it in as many as 27 languages, we make this process easy for you.


Having all your social networks set up can greatly help in sharing information with your students.

But managing content publication schedules and answering prospective students’ questions in a timely manner requires systems and staff. This process gets even more complex each time you offer support and information in a new language.

At Kotolingo Solutions we not only can take care of this for you, we can also cover 9 different languages.