Education Agents

Kotolingo Solutions can help you look at new markets in Canada, whether you wish to sort potential partner institutions by geographic location or by the programs they offer.

You will be able to represent institutions that fit with your strengths, values, work processes, and promotional abilities.

Customized market reports will also give you a better understanding of market segments, opportunities, and which education organizations you could grow beneficial partnerships with.

Signing new contracts with education institutions is a fast and efficient way to develop a more complete offer to your students and grow your business.

Kotolingo Solutions can help with the whole process, from establishing a list of institutions to get in touch with to signing mutually beneficial contracts. We can also arrange translations into 27 different languages.

We'll also be there to keep track of expiring contracts and help renew them with amendments and updates if necessary.

Proactively gathering feedback from the students you helped place in Canadian learning institutions will provide a constant oversight over the overall quality of their experience.

As an agent, you will be able to anticipate student questions and usual problems better and have prepared answers for them. It will also enable you to collaborate with your partner institutions in finding solutions to help them, or to identify which institutions provide constantly high student satisfaction.

By analyzing the feedback received, you will be able to adapt your marketing materials and message to key selling points valued by your students.

When word of mouth plays such an important part in growing your agency business, student feedback is a metric you need to keep on top of.


Knowing who you are working with at your partner institutions and keeping up to date with the programs available and marketing materials is key to making sure students receive the correct information about your partners, their key selling points, and that you know how to promote them.

This can get time-consuming when you have contracts with many organizations, but Kotolingo Solutions can help you manage it all.

By subscribing to this service, you will receive regular updates on who is in charge of admissions, student housing, and student services in all your partner institutions. Should any institution implement new programs or make new courses available, you will also be informed in a timely manner.

Whether you wish to receive updates on training opportunities offered by your partner institutions without having to keep track of everything yourself, or wish to receive assistance in facilitating this training, this activity is key in building a fruitful relationship with your partners.

Kotolingo Solutions aims to work with learning institutions to develop online learning modules, seminars, and brochures for each of your partner institutions so that you can keep on top of everything they have to offer.

Information on best practices

By incorporating industry best practices in terms of student recruitment, communication with partner institutions, and cooperative promotional ventures or training, your agency will grow its business faster and with a stronger collaborative relationship with its partners abroad.

This could be achieved by subscribing to customized reports or purchasing some of Kotolingo Solutions' market reports. Market research will be available in 2021, but you can request to be informed on when this service is available by filling out this form.



Canadian institutions will publish most of the information on their school programs and courses in English or French. To make this information readily available to your prospective and current students, Kotolingo Solutions can translate and localize it in your local language or languages.

You can also save time on translating your own documents and brochures by going through our translation services.

These translation services are included in most service offers, but you always have the option of ordering translations on an "as-needed" basis.

Each of your partner institutions has a different set of courses, programs, key selling points, and target student.

In order to best promote each one and get higher application-to-enrollment ratios and student satisfaction, you need to prepare marketing materials and train your staff using all this information.

And by subscribing to this service, you can get it in simple reports prepared regularly and customized to your agency and its partner organizations.

Nothing beats familiarization tours when it comes to knowing your partner institutions and the people you are working with.

However, these can be time-consuming and costly, especially if your agency does not have a physical presence in Canada.

Fortunately, and up to once per contract period, staff members from Kotolingo Solutions can organize, plan, and even attend these tours on your behalf, taking pictures and notes, evaluating the facilities, updating contact information and incorporating everything into a report that will give you a wealth of information on your partner institutions.

By correctly analyzing your current partnerships, you will be able to get a clear picture of the geographic locations and courses you currently offer your prospective students.

Kotolingo Solutions can help you go one step further, by suggesting new markets to diversify your offer, and looking at institutions offering different courses in the cities you currently have partnerships.

This will result in more institutions under contract and a stronger, more diversified portfolio and more options for your prospective students.

Your partner institutions can be a valuable source of inspiration and support when creating promotional materials and campaigns.

Kotolingo Solutions can help you keep track of all institution-initiated promotions and identify opportunities for cooperative promotional efforts between your agency and your partners.

Having the same clear messages and selling points throughout the promotional process will support your recruitment efforts.

Increase your student support and services offered while reducing overhead and travel costs.

Starting soon, staff members at Kotolingo Solutions will be able to provide the students you placed in Canadian learning institutions with support during their stay, including general help around some cities (banking, housing, transportation, etc.), counselling on school programs available, visa information, etc.

In major cities, our offices will offer seminars and general workshop sessions that your students will be able to attend for free.

Whether you choose to outsource your content creation, or part of it, to Kotolingo Solutions, or simply have us localize it into English and French for your Canadian partners, you have a varied selection of services to choose from, including:

  • Articles for your blog or website,
  • Market-specific and targeted content for your recruitment efforts,
  • Communications with your prospective students,
  • Communications with your partner organizations,
  • Social media updates,
  • Social media content creation.

Remove time differences and languages barriers when trying to communicate with your students in Canada.

While institution-initiated contacts and follow-ups with the students you placed there are beneficial and helpful, removing eventual language barriers and bias can lead to better insights and more candid testimonies.

This approach is useful to your agency in fine-tuning your recruitment approach and support system, your partner institutions in evaluating their programs and courses, and your students in having their voice heard in a stress-free environment.