Translation & Editing Services

Improve the foresight you have on your projects by knowing in advance all their key elements and deliverables:

  • Delivery dates and project timeline
  • Translation and proofreading budget
  • Process for submitted translation notes and comments
  • List of languages and documents to be translated

Multiple processes are put in place to ensure the translations you receive are accurate, follow the source materials both in terms of voice and structure, and free of spelling or grammatical issues.

These processes include: proofreading, crosschecking with the source materials, spell and grammar checks, consistency checks, and reference checking.

Kotolingo Translations has a proven, verifiable track record with translations in 27 languages.

You can choose from our main target languages: English and French translations, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, German, and Russian.

You can also select one of our more specialized languages: Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Catalan, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Swiss German, Ukrainian, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, etc.

Editing services go a bit more in depth than basic proofreading. On top of checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling, you can request for someone to:

  • Follow specific language guidelines
  • Adapt text and sentence structures for regional and local variations
  • Match tone and voice to the original source document
  • Double-check reference materials for consistency across multiple publications
  • Localize translated materials to adjust for different regions and frames of reference
  • Check your publications for issues (cut-off texts online, out-of-order paragraphs in a PDF, placeholder/coding in a video game, etc.)

Each translation takes into account your target market or target user.

The tone and voice of the text, inclusivity of the language used, accuracy of the expressions and references, are all checked before submission, and either:

  • Directly taken into account in the translation you receive


  • Integrated in the translation notes as a suggestion,

Depending on your preferences and instructions at the start of the translation.

Create SEO-friendly publications in several languages.

Put your content in front of more people by adapting and localizing it for different markets.

Inform your clients and stakeholders in different languages with translated and localized newsletters, blog articles, reports, and marketing campaigns.

You can also order new and unique content for each of your chosen languages.

All your inquiries are answered on the same business day, including progress updates and modification requests.

An open communication reduces the risk of misinterpreting the texts due to lack of context and references, and ensures better translations.

Getting your questions answered and your quotations ready sooner means you will be able to keep your project deadlines and schedule the next steps sooner.

Receiving your translations on time ensures you never miss important deadlines and keep your teams working on your projects without delays.

Kotolingo Translations has a high daily output capacity, which means you can order last-minute translations and keep your projects moving.

Kotolingo Translations aims to deliver high quality translations every time.

Every project comes with translation notes in cases where there could be doubt (about context, intended meaning, etc.). If there are any elements that need to change depending on the answers you provide, we make the necessary amendments to the translation.

Ensure your request for changes is taken into account promptly and your translation is adjusted accordingly when you have your own QA processes or receive feedback on the translations and would like us to modify the translated texts.

Keep up to date with the advancement in your translation project with regular updates and progress reports.

Depending on the scope of your project, you can choose to receive these at the frequency of your choice (daily, every other day, weekly, etc.) so you are never left wondering if a project is going to be delayed or whether you will be able to move to the next phase on schedule.

Allows to check that each of your new translation matches the work previously done in terms of vocabulary used, tone, references, and voice.

Crosschecking across several languages ensures that each language translation in your multilingual projects is consistent with the others.

Kotolingo Translation and its collaborators have the knowledge and experience necessary to serve a wide array of industries.

Join the list of clients who trust us with their SDS translations, Product labels translations, Website translations, Restaurant menus translations, Marketing translations, Guidebooks and Safety manuals translations, Employee handbook translations, Video game translations, Reports and business plans translations, etc.

Adapts the translation process to the changing needs of your project.

You can add late modifications, language guidelines, formatting instructions, or translation notes and be sure they will be taken into account.

The flexibility also means you can choose different delivery options, including special formatting, rush deliveries, text revisions and modifications even after the text has been submitted.

Save time and money on your translations by submitting machine-translated texts for minor amendments.

Achieve acceptable, comprehensible end-results free of major grammatical and punctuation issues.

Improve the quality of your texts further by ordering transcreation and text editing services at Kotolingo Translations.