Quality Matters

It's pretty straightforward: You have content in a language, and would like to have it available in another language. In fact, that's all you should have to worry about. You have a business to run, a life that keeps you busy, and plenty to do without having to think about all the details that come with content localization.

But they're important. In fact, a shoddy, inaccurate, or even wrong translation can cause more harm than good in your clients' minds and perception of your business. At Kotolingo, we have systems in place to minimize this risk and make sure your translated content is faithful to the original, both in terms of quality and context. Yes, that means we'll need to communicate with you at different stages of the translation and proofing process, but at the end the content you will receive will be solid and ready to be put in front of your customers.  

More than just fixing a few typos

Your image matters in any industry or professional role and sending a business proposal full of spelling and grammar mistakes won't reflect too well on your business. We're not really teaching you anything new here, and using a professional proofreading service will often save you money and pains down the road.

But we do more than just removing errors from a text. Our Kotolingo copyeditors (sub-editors for our friends in the UK) will ensure consistency in tone with other publications from your company, that your message is conveyed clearly and correctly, and that your audience's regional particularities are taken into account. Note that we do not make radical alterations and rewrites when we work with your content, unless you specifically ask us via our copywriting services.

Think of your message, and...

Understanding your customer will always be king when writing copy. At Kotolingo, we'll spend a great deal of time thinking about your audience, the tone and lingo you should use when reaching out to your customers, and what to put in your message so that it's convincing and relevant to your audience.

It starts with your audience, sure, but a big part of it is also about you. We want to make sure your current communications are consistent with your previous ones and that it matches the tone and persona of your company. In the end, it's all about the clarity and relevance of your message for your audience. Feel free to share your goals for your copy so that we can get you better results! Of course, copyediting is included in this service.

Saves you time. Twice.

If you've ever attempted to transcribe an interview or any other media piece, you know how time-consuming it can be. Even if it is a regular part of your activities, it may not be the best use of your time and your employees might have better activities to use their talents in. Let us help you with that. Just send us your document, let us know what it should include or omit (do you want your subtitles to have the sound effects in brackets? Do you need to have the syntax, hesitations, swear words, etc. match the audio exactly?) and we'll take care of it for you. 

Not only will it be faster than doing it yourself, you will also save time on proofreading, as we'll do it for you. You'll then have your text documents ready to archive, put on your website, hand out, or use for training materials!