How a spelling mistake helped the Brazilian Police catch a load of contraband

Photo: Brazilian Federal Highway Police

Hopefully, you’re not into anything illegal. But even then, the importance of a good proofreading service has been proven. When checking a truck’s documents, police noticed a spelling mistake that ultimately led to the discovery of a load of illegal drugs.

The Federal Highway Police, with help from the Federal Revenue Services, apprehended the vehicle in Cajati, a municipality about 3 hours southwest of São Paulo. On board, they found a large amount of marijuana hidden in a container full of frozen chicken. The driver was arrested immediately.

What led them to this catch?

A spelling mistake. “Chicken Back” is translated as “Dorso de frango” in Portuguese. However, the Highway Police noticed it was spelled “Dorço”, with a “ç” replacing the “s” on the load documents. Note that both words would still have the same pronunciation. This mistake, found on an invoice for the chicken backs, led them to think that something wasn’t quite right. What supplier would misspell their own products?

The driver later revealed he received almost 3 times as much money for carrying the drugs than the chicken. Too bad he didn’t hire someone to proofread his documents too.